New Jersey was going to be the original Hollywood for the movie industry.

Yes, The Garden State is the rightful birthplace of the American motion picture industry.

I first learned about this while reading about the life and times of Walt Disney. I tripped right over this fascinating New Jersey storyline.

New Jersey is the official birthplace of the American film industry. It all started in 1907, with the first film studio being built in 1909 in Fort Lee, New Jersey.

Fort Lee actually became the first American film town. The entire population of Fort Lee worked in the motion picture business.

This makes Fort Lee the rightful birthplace of American cinema.

New Jersey’s Inventor Thomas Edison had previously created America's first movie studio, which he named "Black Maria," which he built near West Orange, New Jersey.

With the help of his assistant, William Dickson, they created the kinetoscope, the early version of the film projector.

A respectable number of these movies made in Atlantic City. The list is extensive and this will serve as a great resource as to just how many movies were made in The Garden State.

This is a list of movies set or partially set in the U.S. state of New Jersey:

Looking at this extensive list, you can see how relevant New Jersey has been in the movie industry.

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