Showboat Resort in Atlantic City, New Jersey is known as a family-friendly boardwalk property, featuring the world’s largest indoor water park (ISLAND Waterpark) and Lucky Snake Arcade.

These are two great family attractions.

We can now confirm that Showboat is preparing to unveil a new amenity, in the form of a casino-style section of the arcade.

Guests will be able to play poker and slot machines for credits and redemption-only prizes.

This exciting addition, dubbed "Gametime at The Showboat" pays homage to the history of Showboat and Atlantic City, while still honoring the fun, family-oriented atmosphere the resort is becoming celebrated for, said Showboat Resort.

In addition to the new Gametime concept, the arcade will also host a "Summer of FUN" campaign, where weekend warriors will be treated to specials like big raffle prizes, mini racing tournaments at the Raceway and game specials with extra prizes.

The Lucky Snake Arcade has now been open for three years.

It is the largest arcade in the world, measuring more than 200,000 square-feet.

The arcade features a 40,000 square-foot Raceway Go Kart Indoor Track and more than 600 games, including pinball, virtual reality, bowling and more.

The arcade also has the largest Zoltar fortune teller in the world.

With the advent of New York City casinos getting closer by the day … Summer, 2024 is one of the must crucial in Atlantic City history.

SOURCE: Lisa Johnson Communications.

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