Yet another scam is making its rounds in the Garden State and falling for it could cost you dearly.

"Detective Giberson" Isn't Real

The Galloway Township Police Department says they have recently received several reports from citizens saying they were contacted by a "detective" claiming to be from their department.

While talking to potential victims, the scammer who said he was "Detective Giberson," was asking for people's social security numbers.

Officials advise you that no police department or officer will call you and ask you for your social security number or any financial information.

If you provided your social security number to an individual and feel it may have been a scam, you are advised to call the Galloway Township Police Department immediately to file a report and receive guidance on the next steps to take.

Obviously, once a scammer has your personal information, any number of bad things could happen.

Galloway Township Police - Photo: Townsquare Media Illustration
Galloway Township Police - Photo: Townsquare Media Illustration

If you are contacted by an individual claiming to be a police officer from Galloway Township, you can verify their identity by calling (609) 652-3705.

Please spread the word about this scam to friends and family members, so we can prevent someone from being victimized.

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