There are several towns in our area that visitors struggle to pronounce, but this one is apparently the most difficult!

We always like to ask people from out of the area to try and pronounce towns like Buena (BEW-nə), Absecon (ab-SEE-kin), or even Abesgami high school.

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So, how does one determine that one town is more ‘difficult to pronounce’ than any other?

Reader's Digest created their list of 'The Most Difficult-to-Pronounce Town in Every Single State' by focusing on town and city names across the U.S. that often trip people up.

What South Jersey town is most ‘difficult to pronounce in New Jersey?


The pick from Reader’s Digest for New Jersey's most difficult town to pronounce is Greenwich Township, which is located in Cumberland County (there are two other Greenwich Township's with one in Gloucester and Warren County)

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They had the following to say about their pick:

New Jersey, being the Garden State, insists on pronouncing it as “GREEN-which.” And it’s not like there’s just one there in either. New Jersey has THREE towns that are known as “GREEN-which.” One is in Cumberland County, one in Gloucester (pronounced “GLAW-ster”) County, and one in Warren County. And if you ask them whether they care that New Yorkers have a “GREN-itch” Village, and that there’s a “GREN-itch, Connecticut,” you know what they’re gonna say? Fuggedaboudit.

It was named after Greenwich, England, which is pronounced "GREN-itch”.

The Greenwich Township in South Jersey is located in the westernmost township in Cumberland County and has a population of 771 as of the 2020 census.

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