I'm sure you must've been surprised when you saw the head.  We all know it takes special skills to drive in New Jersey.

Just last week I wrote a story about how New Jersey drivers seem to have declared Red the new green.

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We're all used to speeding up when the light turns yellow, but now it seems like people drive through red and stop at green.  How can we have the best drivers?

According to a new report from Forbes, New Jersey drivers are ranked fifth best in the country.

The report considered several statistics, including the Total number of fatal car accidents per 100,000 licensed drivers.

The number of fatal car accidents involving a driver who was driving too fast for conditions, speeding, or racing per 100,000 licensed drivers

The number of DUI arrests per 100,000 licensed drivers, and more.

The state with the worst drivers in the country is New Mexico.

New Mexico has the highest number of fatal accidents that involve distracted drivers,  the second highest number of fatalities involving high speed, and the third highest number of drunk driving fatalities.

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The state with the best drivers in the country according to the report in Forbes, is Massachusetts.

Another interesting note, New York drivers scored slightly higher than the Garden State.  New York drivers are the fourth best in the country.

In typical New Jersey fashion, carinsurance.com says New Jersey drivers have the 12th highest auto insurance rates in the country.

Source:  States With The Worst Drivers 2024 – Forbes Advisor

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