I walked into my favorite Wawa at 345 am and there they were - two of the most famous people currently living on the planet.

Or, at least, the greater Philadelphia/South Jersey area.

I'm talking about Jason and Kylie Kelce.

Not in the flesh, but there on my Wawa ordering kiosk, and up there on the computerized "scoreboard" that sits over the Wawa deli.

Thursday Night Football Presents The World Premiere of "Kelce"
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Kelces working it at Wawa

Whatever Wawa is paying the Kelces - and I'm guessing it's high six figures, if not seven - it was a very savvy move on their part.

Wawa has gotten two of the most buzz-worthy people around to put their arms around the giant machine that is Wawa.

Jason Kelce just retired from the Philadelphia Eagles, and his wife Kylie has become almost as famous as her husband.

Wawa has smartly positioned the pair in almost all of their commercials - and in all their locations.

As I stepped up to the ordering kiosk early this morning I could have ordered the Kelce's favorite sandwiches. Check out Jason's Italian and Kylie's Honey Smoked Turkey here.

No better choice for Wawa

Deep into hoagie fest, Wawa couldn't have made a more "happening" choice than Jason and Kylie. Right now, at least regionally, they are the "it couple."

Really, who would have been a better choice than Jason and Kylie? The only couple that may have come close is Jason's brother Travis and his steady girl, Taylor Swift.

These aren't Wawa's first celebrity spokespersons. They've latched onto some pretty good Philadelphia athletes in the past.

They, though, are their best spokespersons.

Well done, Wawa, well done!

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