After initially being cancelled for a fourth straight year, the infamous Atlantic City St. Patrick's Day is back on!

Just a couple weeks ago, parade organizers squashed the idea of a St. Pat's parade over concerns regarding conditions of the Atlantic City Boardwalk.

According to, two of those organizers acknowledged that the city’s 153-year-old boardwalk is in need of significant work.

A proposed alternative parade route was reportedly unsatisfactory and would have been more trouble than it was worth.

St Patricks Day Celebrations Return To The Streets Of Dublin
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But city officials are making the parade happen, reports, and plan to reveal more details this week, including how much weight will be allowed on the boardwalk and how they can move the parade route away from a section near New Jersey Ave. that was damaged by fire earlier this month.

If all parties are happy and the details are finalized, the Atlantic City St. Patrick's Day Parade happens on the boardwalk Sunday, March 12th.

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